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What PowerShell Can Do For You !

Do You Know Where Learning & Mastering PowerShell Can Take You ?

Skyrocket Your Career

Get Massive Career Advancement. Much Deserved Promotion & Lucrative Job Offers.

Effectively Automate Anything

Using PowerShell From Simple Day-to-Day Admin Task to Most Complex Automation Project.

Recession-Future-Proof Career

Build Rock-Solid Career and Become Invincible. Never Ever Worry about Another Layoffs.

Write PowerShell Script Like a Pro

Independently Write Script By Yourself Like a Boss from Basics to Advanced Level Across Any Platform.

Earn More

Double or Even Triple Your Salary & Grab On-site Opportunity with PowerShell Mastery.

Become Top 1 % Experts

Become #1 PowerShell Automation Expert in Your Organization (Infact in the Entire IT Industry) .

Become a Hero

Get Recognized, Respected and Valued By Your Team and Management as PowerShell Hero.

Create Your Masterpiece

Make Your Masterpiece PowerShell Automation. Put a Positive Dent in the IT World.

Who Is This Program for?

If You want to Learn Powershell, Write PowerShell Scripts Like Pro & Master automation. But you think...

  • I’m Completely New to Powershell and Programming World. I Don't Have Any Previous Coding Knowledge. I Need a Pretty Good Start in PowerShell Journey.
  • I Do Have Little Bit Knowledge in PowerShell Scripting. I will be able to read and modify others' scripts. But I want to Write PowerShell Scripts By Myself Independently Like a Pro.
  • I Don’t Have Enough Time and Too busy to Invest to Learn by Myself. I need an easy and fastest way to learn and master powershell in my busy schedule using as fast as possible.
  • I’m Looking for a New Career or Career Shift. I came across Powershell and I feel powershell has pretty good future. So I want to Explore and Learn it.
  • I’m a IT Manager, Team Leader, Tech Leader. I want to Upgrade & Be Up-to-Date myself so I could effectively manage and direct my team
  • I’m Already Very Good in PowerShell. But Want to Master PowerShell in “Right-Way” Formally from The Best mentor who could guide me attaining powershell mastery faster and easier.


PowerShell "Easy-Way" Mastery Workshop

PowerShell "Easy-Way" To Mastery in 2-Day Live Workshop Contains 3 Core Components 

  1. Rock-Solid Fundamentals of PowerShell Basic Concepts 
  2. A Unique Proven Method Called "Easy-Way Approach" to Learn PowerShell From Very Basics to Advanced Mastery Level
    • Without Memorizing Any PowerShell Cmdlets
    • Without Getting Confused By Programming Logics
    • Without Any Previous Coding Knowledge
    • Without Spending Lots of Time in Learning Theory
  3. Kickstart Your "PowerShell Mastery Journeyto Learn, Write PowerShell Automation Scripts Like Pro, So You could Achieve Your Career Goals Faster and Easier.

Any Prerequisites to Attend this WorkShop !

No Prior Coding Experience Required

Lets Start Fresh. No Previous Programming Knowledge Required.

Learn From the Best

Seasoned Officially Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)  Trainer With 12+ Yrs Real-World Experience

No Need to Memorize

Learn PowerShell Without Memorizing Any Commands using "Easy-Way" Method

Learn Easier

A Unique Proven Method "Easy-Way Approach" to Learn PowerShell From Very Basics to Advanced Mastery Level

No Loops & Logics Confusions

Learn PowerShell Without Getting Confused by Loops or Any other Programming Logics

Learn Faster

World's Shortest & Smartest Proven way to Learn and Master PowerShell using Natural Learning Process

What You Will Learn in this Program

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this 2-Day Workshop


Session # 1 - Saturday(5PM - 7PM)
  • PowerShell Introduction
  • 5 Pillars of PowerShell Automation
  • Scripting Language Vs Programming Language
  • PowerShell ISE & Console
  • Windows PowerShell Vs Windows Command Line
  • PowerShell Alias
  • PowerShell Transcripts
  • Administrative Privileges
  • Variables
  • System Defined Variables & Constants
  • Datatypes
  • PowerShell Snap ins
  • PowerShell Modules
  • Scheduled Task
  • PowerShell Architecture Layers
  • Connect Remote Computers (WMI & WinRM)
  • File Manipulation and CRUD Operations


Session # 2 - Sunday(10AM - 12PM)
  • PowerShell Object
  • PowerShell Members & Classes
  • Using PowerShell Help
  • Finding And Running Cmdlets
  • PS Versions & Editions
  • PowerShell Objects Explorer
  • Bulk Automation (Import-CSV)
  • For Each Object
  • PowerShell Scripts Introduction
  • Writing First PowerShell Script
  • PowerShell Write-Host
  • PowerShell Read-Host
  • Class & Member Types
  • Where Object & Filtering
  • PowerShell Pipeline
  • PowerShell GUI Tool Demo
  • Best Tool to Develop PowerShell Scripts
  • Best Alternate Tool For PowerShell ISE


Session # 3 - Sunday(5PM - 7PM)
  • PowerShell Real-Life Project Types & Demo
  • How to Skyrocket Your Career With PowerShell
  • Where PowerShell Can Be Applied in Real-Life
  • Showcase Your Project’s Worth - Big Fish Template
  • 3 Deadly Pitfalls Of Powershell Mastery
  • How To AVOID Deadly Pitfalls Smartly
  • How to Learn PS In-Depth & Achieve Mastery in PowerShell
  • Easy, Fastest & Proven Fastlane to PowerShell Mastery
  • Start Your PowerShell Mastery Journey


Register before midnight of JULY 31st, 2021

To Unlock The Bonuses Worth Above INR 45,000/-

Bonus 1
PowerShell Resources

My Personal Complete List of PowerShell Learning Resources ( Books, Videos, Courses, Blogs Everything )

Valued at Rs.5K

Bonus 2
Real-Life Projects

100+ Real-Life PowerShell Projects Ideas List to Implement Today

(Valued at Rs.5K) 

Bonus 3
GUI Source Code

Complete PowerShell Source Code for a Mega Real-time GUI Tool

(Valued at Rs.5K) 

Bonus 4
The Big Fish Template

The most urgent, important & profitable IT automation project template

(Valued at Rs.5K) 

Bonus 5
One-Page Project Template

One-Page powershell project template

(Valued at Rs.5K)

Bonus 6
PowerShell 80/20 Technique

80/20 powershell coding technique – Support checklist

(Valued at Rs.5K) 

Bonus 7
Real-Time Case Studies

2 Real-Time Case Studies That You Could Adapt & Inspiration

(Valued at Rs.5K)

Bonus 8
Find-your-Why Template

The “Find-your-Why” step-by-step career goal setting template

(Valued at Rs.5K)

Bonus 9
Exclusive Facebook Group Access

Access to our members-only exclusive “Skyrocket your career” Facebook support group.


Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I’m Sathish Kumar Elango.  For Past 12+ Years, I've Worked On Multiple Complex Automations Projects including Fortune 500 Companies across Globe (Including Saudi Telecom, Ford and more).

I'm an Official Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) for 8 Consecutive Years. I'm an Official PowerShell Corporate Training Partner For 50+ Top MNC. I've Trained 4500+ IT Professionals Just Like You & Helped them Achieve their Career Goals Successfully with PowerShell.

I'm Also the Founder & CEO of Two Successfully Running IT Companies &

Time is Running Out. Grab Your Spot Fast !




Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried my best to answer all frequently asked questions. For further queries, please email me at: My amazing support team will reply within 8 hours. 🙂

When is the workshop scheduled ?

Session # 1 - Saturday, 31st July 2021 (5 PM - 7 PM)
Session # 2 - Sunday, 1st August 2021 (10 AM -12 PM)
Session # 3 - Sunday, 1st August 2021 (5 PM - 7 PM)

I made the payment but didn’t receive any email ?

Please contact us through WhatsApp @ +91-7010536074 [or] Write to and our awesome support team will get back to you within 8 hours.

Will this be live or pre-recorded?

It is a Live ZOOM session. Final Live Sessions Will Not Be Recorded.

I have a full time job, not sure if I can make it. Will you be sharing recordings?

Yes! You’ll receive recordings of first 2 sessions. Please note, there would be no recording of the Sunday 5 PM - 7 PM session. That's the only session where you won’t receive a recording.

Is this workshop an advanced powershell workshop?

It’s not a super advanced workshop. It’s for people getting started with powershell and to learn powershell using our unique “Easy-Way” approach based learning method. You won’t be taught any advanced or domain specific powershell concepts or hands-on.

Would there be any certificate on completion?

Yes! You will receive a certificate on completion.

Will I be able to make a lot of money or salary after this workshop?

No program ‘guarantees’ any income, including this. The workshop is designed to get started with powershell and to learn powershell using our unique “Easy-Way” approach based learning method and help you get started with powershell mastery journey.

Will I be able to become powershell master or expert after this workshop?

Lets be honest and practical - Nothing can be Mastered in 2 days including powershell. It’s for people getting started with powershell and to learn powershell using our unique “Easy-Way” approach based learning method. You will get solid understanding of powershell basics and a unique opportunity to start your powershell mastery journey with like-minded people. 

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, We EliteLance ambassador affiliate program.

Can I download the Recorded videos?

No, you can only watch them online.

When can I receive the bonus?

In the Sunday Final Session. The live session would be from 5 PM - 7 PM where all bonuses would be demonstrated. Note, Final Session is Live and will not be recorded.

Will I get lifetime access to the videos?

Remember this is a workshop and not an online course. So, you won’t get lifetime access to the videos. But we understand you might want some more time to absorb the information so you can watch the videos for one week after the workshop.

How will I join these live sessions?

All sessions will happen through Zoom. Zoom Meeting Link with Password will be sent through Whatsapp Prior to the call.

Will i get reminders for each of these sessions so i don't miss the session?

Once you have enrolled, You will be added to the WhatsApp group. All information and reminders will be sent in the WhatsApp group prior to these sessions.

Still Not Convinced?

Answer this one simple question honestly.

Where Do You want to be in the Next 7-10 Years of Your Career?

Option A: Do you want be in top 1% Elite IT Professionals who Mastered powershell, Could Write Independently Any PowerShell Automation scripts, Get All the Career Advancement effortlessly ?

Option B: Do You want to be the remaining 99% Who would procrastinate to learn automation some day future and get stuck in rat race all the time, without doing NOTHING.

If You Choose Option A. Then Lets not waste Any more time in our life. Let's Make it Together and Let's Get Started in This Workshop.

P.S. Enroll now Before Your Mobile Beep or Something Else Distracts You and Steal away Your Real Future  :)

See You On The Other Side !